Clear Braces in Houston, TX

There’s an alternative to uncomfortable metal braces, and the solution is clearer than ever! Invisalign® Clear Braces provide maximum comfort for maximum results. The best part is, people of all ages won’t have to feel embarrassed to wear braces ever again, as you can hardly notice them.
Custom-made clear aligners are used to straighten teeth; they can be removed as often as they need to be and can even be cleaned like your regular teeth. You can eat your favorite foods while wearing them, including popcorn, apples, corn on the cob and anything else! With Invisalign® Clear Braces, the sky’s the limit to straight teeth.

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There’s no more cleaning pieces of food from your braces, changing the colors to your bands, or having your braces tightened, making your mouth sore and uncomfortable. And best of all, there’s no more mouth full of metal! Don’t put off straightening your teeth any longer; call River Oaks Dental Arts Cosmetic & General Dentistry today for reliable general dentistry services. We have affordable options for a variety of incomes, so don't be afraid to ask about the cost of Invisalign if you live in the Houston, TX area.

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